A decade in questions

The last decade has been a tough one for us Leeds fans. After promotion back to the Championship in 2010, we have spent the last 9 ½ years stuck there.

It hasn’t been without drama though; we have changed managers 14 times, had just over 3 years of Massimo Cellino ownership and signed more players than some clubs have fans.

There was a period, one I like to call the lost years, where the club and fans weren’t quiet on the same page, but hopefully those days are resigned to the history books.

To wrap up the decade, we take a look back at our favourite and worst moments:

Favourite Game of the Last Decade?                                               

Lisa:     A different choice, but West Brom at home in March 2019. I haven’t seen us play that well for an entire game before.

Sarah: Blackburn at home on Boxing Day 2018 and that comeback.

Favourite Player?                                                                  

Lisa:     Too close to call between Gaetano Berardi for his sheer passion and Pablo Hernandez, probably one of the most gifted players we have ever had the pleasure to watch.

Sarah:  Pablo Hernandez

Favourite Manager?                                                              

Lisa:     There can only be one, Marcelo Bielsa

Sarah: El Loco- Marcelo Bielsa

Favourite Leeds moment off the field?                    

Lisa:     Winning the FIFA Fair Play award and sending the football world into meltdown!

Sarah:  The aftermath of Spygate and the football schooling from Bielsa

Worst Game?                                                

Lisa:     Wigan at home, April 2019. We knew our season was over after that game.

Sarah:  Derby at home 2019 Play offs.

Worst Manager?

Lisa:     Paul Heckinbottom. I never really felt like he was comfortable at the club.           

Sarah: Dave Hockaday..six games too many.                                                

Expectations of the next decade?

Lisa:     Promotion this season and then investment which will see us climb up the Premier League table once more. I definitely think we will play European football again in the next 10 years.

Sarah: More drama, promotion to the Premier League and a bold shout but I think we will win the FA Cup in the next 10 years!

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