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There is a lot of news around at the moment and it can take a toll on our mental health. So here’s some positivity from our club to help.  

Leeds United are looking like one of the most organised and stable football teams in the country.

Yes, our club, Leeds United.

We have become so used to controversy and mismanagement that this all seems a little strange.

A couple of weeks ago, before other teams were even looking at furlough, it was announced that Leeds players and coaching staff had agreed to defer wages to ensure that non-playing staff were paid. There was no great fanfare around it and it didn’t make the national news headlines.

The gravity of the gesture only really became apparent when Premier League clubs started to put staff on furlough leave whilst continuing to pay players their full salary.

I personally don’t have an issue with players’ salaries, if you are fortunate to be able to earn that, then why not and it is a personal choice whether you donate any of it or not.  It is the clubs who are guilty here, using Government funds meant for smaller businesses, not Premier League teams.

It just highlights the mentally of the Leeds United players and management that this was agreed weeks ago. No fuss, no drama, just the “side before self’ mentality shining through.

Even more interesting is how Leeds United were possibly more prepared than the leaders of our country. Last night, The Athletic released an article detailing how Leeds were prepared for this enforced break back in January.

Whilst we were all worrying about whether it should be Patrick Bamford or Jean-Kevin Augustine starting, the backroom team were planning for a time when neither of them would be playing.

Plans were put into place and extra training equipment was ordered to ensure that if it did happen, then all of our players would have the kit at home and a personalised plan to keep them in the best condition possible.

It also coincides with our return to form and the start of our 6 game unbeaten run.  

This wasn’t a surprise. Marcelo Bielsa and his players knew this was coming, they knew that we would have a break and they knew they had to be top of the league when it happened.

There has been so much talk of what could happen: ending the season early, expanding the Premier League and promoting the top team in each league are just a few of the possibilities. However, it is much easier to read these options knowing that we are top of the league and that if it did come to that then we would be the team promoted.

The news from FIFA yesterday seemed to suggest that the season is to be extended indefinitely and we will return to playing when it is safe to do so.

Football pales into insignificance at a time like this, but we know it will return one day and we have so much to look forward to when it does.

In the meantime, please stay home, stay safe and look after one another.

There is a promotion coming and we want to make sure everybody is fit, healthy and there to see it.

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