#LeedsUnitedandMe – Emma Louise Millward

We all hold memories and associations with Leeds United and the club means different things to each one of us.

Emma Louise Millward is the latest supporter to share her Leeds United and Me story.

  1. What does Leeds United to you?

Leeds United means family. The people I’ve met through Leeds United have become as close as family members.

2. How long have you supported Leeds?

Almost 22 years

3. Favourite Game?

Against Man United – 3rd January 2010

4. Favourite Leeds United player of all time?

Alan Smith

5. Favourite goal?

Jermaine Beckford against Bristol Rovers, May 8th 2010

6. Earliest Leeds United memory?

Alan Smith scoring on his debut against Liverpool, November 14th 1998

7. Funniest Leeds United memory?

The amount of times I shout “Paddy would have scored that” at the tv, at least my boyfriend finds that hilarious.

8. Favourite Manager

Marcelo Bielsa

9. Predictions for the next 5 years?

Leeds United gain promotion, Bielsa seeing us back to Europe in his first year and then WACCOE a year later!

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